segunda-feira, 23 de maio de 2011

You show up like a hurricane, all hungry-eyed and weather-stained
the clock forgets to tick and i the same
I died the day you disappeared, so why would you be welcome here?
Ride the wind that brought you back away
no you can't come in
no you can't come in

I cannot stop my rebel hands from pulling out the pots and pans
I left you in the cold until you shook
you're gentle now, but i recall
both tender fire and bitter squall
a history so deep it hurts to look
no you can't come in
no you can't come in

If the sea should swallow up my house
I will turn my rooftop inside out and the wind will be wailing
But I will be sailing faster
Oh the elements I do not fear but I fall apart when you appear
Cos you are the greatest
The greatest disaster

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